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Mission Statement

Our Mission
In an effort to compete in an ever-changing society, FPA staff embraces students, families, and communities to build and develop well-rounded individuals who are independent, critical thinkers motivated intrinsically to continue as life-long learners who excel in higher education and are the leaders of legacies.
Frazier is an academy of Professionalism, Academic Excellence, And Community Responsibility!

1. Honesty and Integrity We believe - All decisions and actions made by the Staff, Parents, Students, and Board of Directors are executed with honesty and integrity to ensure the success of our academic institution.

2. High Expectations for Academic Excellence We believe - Setting high expectations for academic excellence (and personal performance) we will develop students who are well rounded and socially responsible creating the foundation for student success.

3. Safe Learning Environment We believe - Effective learning starts with a safe and orderly environment for all those who enter the hallways and classrooms of FPA.

4. Nurturing School Climate We believe - Providing a positive school climate will promote an exciting culture where students are enthusiastic about learning and investing in their personal growth and development.

5. Life Long Learning We believe - Setting and achieving high expectations enables each student to reach his/her potential, as they become interdependent life long learner.

6. Parental Involvement We believe - Involvement and collaborations with parents and guardians are critical components to the success of every student.

7. Respect for Community We believe - FPA should be a comprehensive resource to the community and every student should exercise good citizenship by showing respect for and providing service to the community.

8. Fiscal Responsibility We believe - Fiscal responsibility to ensure students receive all the necessary resources to meet their academic, social and emotional needs.